We are Kat and Jo. We are both passionate photographers from Germany and are having photographic experiences for many years now.

After moving both to Berlin, we got instantly enthusiastic about the variety of artistic expressions here, which is why we think it’s worth documenting them and therefore established together our collective ‘Pollux’ to provide artists high quality photographs of their performances.


The current underground performance world of Berlin is full of unique vibrance and powerful expressions and that’s what drives us to capture those magical nights.

Our photographic approach is a mixture of a holistic documentation of the performances to fully narrate their story with a more in-depth focus on an artistic expression in order to depict the performance as faithfully as possible. Our motivation is to represent each performance photographically as special and expressive as it was itself.


Kat is a photographer focusing on the connection between humans and nature and is therefore shooting mainly outdoors as a contrast to the metropolitan city.

Her inspiration has developed in the course of her many years of travel, in which she has rebuilt a deep, spiritual connection to nature and now wants to express this in a photographic claim. Her photos are pervaded by a particular melancholy, which expresses the majestic power of nature and human impressions.


Jo Pollux is a photographer focusing on the investigations of desire, kink, storytelling and fantasy.

Her unique visual expression started to take shape when she lived in Paris, where she met a group of artists who inspired her. She studied at Arts and Communication at The Academy of Fine arts in Vienna before moving to Berlin, where she currently resides and takes inspiration from the stories between the walls of the city.

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